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a static lullaby, accents, anemia, anime, anxiety, asian boys, atreyu, badly drawn boy, bane, barbie, beck, belle & sebastian, ben folds, ben kweller, beulah, bi-polar, bia, black eyeliner, boys with black nailpolish, brand new, bright eyes, candid photos, cathedrals, christina rosenvinge, claire voyant, club8, coheed and cambria, concert photos, cornelius, couch, count the stars, crazy, creeps, cuddling, curl up and die, darkesthour, dashboard confessional, death by chocolate, depeche mode, depression, different personalities, dorks, duran duran, eliot smith rip:(, elk city, emo boys, everytimeidie, face to face, fear, federico montefiori, finch, from autumn to ashes, further seems further, glassjaw, gray, guk, hard candy, haw flakes, hollandborthwick, images, iron & wine, isabel campbell, juliana theory, julie doiron, jump little children, kaito, kings of convenience, landscapes, lizzie borden, loner, lorac, losers, lush, m.ward, make-up, making out, marble statues, mark bacino, me, meg lee chin, megaherz, melancholy, mexico, michael jackson, minor threat, mock orange, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, neil halstead, nora, nothing, oomph, paint shop pro, pale, parker and lily, people watching, philosophy, phobias, photography, photoshop, pictures, pink, pj harvey, placebo, poetry, ptw, radiohead, rammstein, random, reach the sky, recluse, remembering never, rufio, schizoid, shadows, snapshots, sneaky, std, stephen malkmus, stila, straight edge, strays, suicide notes, sybarite, taken back sunday, the civil tones, the cure, the dear janes, the dillinger escape plan, the divine comedy, the gentle waves, the ivory coast, the smiths, the starting line, this mortal coil, thrifting, travis, true crime, underoath, urban decay, velvet underground, wacko, weezer, weirs beach, wind, xxx, yo la tengo, you